In case there is still any doubt what I do and who I am, here it is. My name is Gicova, and I am a fine artist and designer. Art is my passion, it is my first true love, she is my everything. Enjoy this Q and A to and from myself. 

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Q: What was your first creative memory?

A: I was almost 5 years old, and all I wanted were these really sweet Darkwing Duck action figures. I begged and begged with no luck, so finally I took matters into my own hands and just made a collection of paper action figures. One by one, I made my desires a reality. The next week was my birthday and I received all the action figures I wanted...which was bitter sweet because I think I enjoyed my own creations more. 

Q: Where do you think your creativity comes from? Is this something that can be learned, or can you become an artist without "proper training"?

A: Dunno, just a creative guy. But I want to learn to be open to more creativity, and more opportunities.